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Sushi Under the Sea

Take a dive beneath the ocean in the already unique Atlantis Submarines air- conditioned free swimming submarine. The option to have " Sushi Under the sea"  with a customisable menu, if you choose to pump up your experience, is on offer, NEW for  October 2022. Your tour starts at the dock in the Shallowdraught on the transfer vessel the Ocean Quest and then continues as you board the submarine off shore. As the vessel submerges from the surface to the top of the reef you then see the seafans, sea creatures, turtles or varied reef fish based on the day and time. During the day or at night, every dive is different but along with your sunken shipwreck as added value your tour can  include a bento box full of delectable treats prepared and customized for your group. Groups of minimum 12 guests are invited to book this unique way to enjoy Barbados' underwater world and some of its finest cuisine. Tour time is 90 mins from departure to return to the dock and your underwater journey and sushi delicacies (or preferred alternatives) are included.


Atlantis Submarines Barbados

Atlantis Submarines Barbados

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