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What is the difference between the Submarine Day Tour & the Night Tour?

The Atlantis Submarines is one of the most popular activities to do in Barbados. It is the most comfortable way to experience underwater marine life without needing any special equipment or instructions of any kind. This real submarine takes you to depths of 150 ft below the surface in air-conditioned comfort. You can enjoy this wonderful experience  during the day as well as the nighttime.

Atlantis Submarines Barbados

1. Submarine Day Dive Tour

Your excursion begins with a ferry cruise out to the Atlantis dive site taking in Barbados' coastline. At the same time, the crew gives you a short briefing explaining the safety  procedures before docking with the submarine, which is already offshore waiting for your arrival! Once onboard, take your seat in front of the large viewing windows as the submarine prepares to submerge.

DIVE! This command is given as you start your journey to explore one of Barbados' ancient coral reefs while marveling at the abundance of exotic fish and a wide variety of coral formations right outside your window! As you go deeper, a surprise awaits, a sunken shipwreck! The crew narrates the entire adventure helping you to identify the surroundings as you go! 

Atlantis Submarines Barbados

2. Submarine Night Dive Tour

Sit back and relax as our ferry takes you out on a short sunset cruise to meet the submarine which awaits on the surface as Barbados golden coastline glows in the distance. With everyone onboard, the powerful spotlights are switched on and your dive begins! As you descend into the eerie depths onto the reef the bright lights reveal the true colours of the reef which are not visible in the daytime. Dormant in the daytime, the night predators emerge and go ‘on the prowl’ looking for smaller marine life to prey on. The shipwreck takes on a more mysterious aura as the night predators lurk in the background while the submarine approaches for a close up view. Enjoy the sparkling coastline as the ferry takes you back to shore.

DescriptionSubmarine Day TourSubmarine Night Tour
Which marine life can be possibly be seen?Parrot Fish, Creole Wrasse, Barracuda, Hawksbill Turtle, Horse Eye Jack, Sargent Major fish, Blue Chromis, Trumpet Fish, Parrot Fish, Angel Fish, Snapper, Trumpet Fish, Black DurgonGreen Moray Eel, Grouper, Lobster, Southern Stingray, Lionfish, Octopus, Spotted Moray Eel, Long-Spined Sea Urchin
Duration of the tour02:00 Hours02:00 Hours
Price US$112.00/-US $122.00/-
Number of persons in one tour4848
Departure LocationBridgetown, BarbadosBridgetown, Barbados

Atlantis Submarines Barbados

The Atlantis Submarines provides excellent photo opportunities and is great for families to create lasting memories of Barbados, all while staying completely dry! If you have any questions or queries or want to make a reservation, please email us at or call +12462628929.

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