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Enjoy two of Barbados' must- see, must - do attractions, seamlessly and all in one day. Go down on Atlantis Submarines and Go under at Harrison Cave, guided by the professionals at RCR tours. Hassle free and with the best use of your time.

Atlantis Submarines is a unique way to see the underwater world in Barbados, in an environmentally friendly, battery powered submarine. A coral reef that took thousands of years to form and schools of fish will welcome you and your family into their world. Watch sea fans sway and if you are lucky a turtle will swim by to peek in the view port at you. The highly trained pilot will navigate the submarine around the reef at depths of up to 150 feet below the surface, while the copilot narrates and explains the exotic and mysterious world under the sea. You can take photos of the sunken shipwreck and pose for shots to prove you did this incredible earth friendly adventure leaving no carbon footprint on the reef. But your day is not done. You will be transported by the innovative team at RCR tours directly from being submerged underwater to going underground.

Harrison’s Cave, first discovered in 1796 is an interesting ride away from Atlantis Submarines and gives you a chance to see the countryside from St. Michael to St. Thomas in the heart of the island. Unearth this adventure as you ride in your electric tram. Stalactites and stalagmites await you much as the coral reef did, both being a part of Barbados’ natural heritage and are better gazed at and never touched. These unique coral formations are described by the tour guides who give you the history and show you the majesty of nature, thousands of years also in the making. Crystal clear water in flowing streams, filtered by the limestone that the pillars and cathedral like formations are made of make picture perfect memories.

Dive into and unearth these two adventures. Atlantis Submarines and Harrison Caves. Two family friendly, environmentally conscious adventures not to be missed and now wrapped in one seamless package.

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04:00 Hours


Adult US $230.00

Child US $150.00

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Bridgetown, Barbados