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Fun Things to do in Barbados

Barbados has always been known as a family destination. Here listed are a wide spectrum of ideas and suggestions on a number of fun things to do in Barbados for families and couples. For the lovers of the sea there are many ways to enjoy. For those who prefer land based tours there are a number of cultural and heritage sites, if you love history we cater to that passion too as part of what a list of “things to do in Barbados can cover. Here are some of the islands top things to do in Barbados to get you started.

Atlantis Submarines is the perfect when you consider all the things to do in Barbados.” As a family tour you are able to go underwater and remain dry in a safe, comfortable and hassle free environment. This Barbados excursion can be enjoyed during the day or at night. As a couple when you look for recommendations on what to do in Barbados at night this unique adventure wins out. Private tours are available at most attractions, if you call ahead and do not mind spending extra. Atlantis Submarines can offer the submarine just for your family with some trimmings if you need help with what to do in Barbados for a special occasion. Shopping for memories of Barbados is a good pass time too. Choose that special gift for a friend at the Atlantis Submarine store. There is a good selection of local artisans work and high quality locally designed products. No trip is complete without some memorabilia to take home and remind d you of what you did on the island.

From the serenity of the Caribbean Sea on the west coast to breezy south coast or to the rugged rock formations created by the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast, beaches are the perfect place when looking for things to do in Barbados. Our wide array of beaches, are perfect for all ages who just want to collect sea shells, dig around in the sand, play in the pools created by the gentle tides and bask in the warm sunshine. Some of the best things to do in Barbados are completely free. This is a care free and very easy way to “burn up” many hours (no pun intended) and at no cost. If you are interested in active play, consider the beach culture sports. Easter is a popular time for families to visit Barbados as it is breezy and perfect for kite making, flying, kite surfing and wind surfing. Lessons are available especially on the south coast of the island so go on and give it a try.

Not so adventurous? Our beautiful, historic churches are often busy during this religious period. Anglican churches can track our history and still have some of their original stained glass windows. Children will be reverent when parents show them that it is important to respect other religions and cultures. It also demonstrates that the things to do in Barbados can embrace the customs and culture of the island not only the sun, sea and sand it is traditionally known for.

If you are more of a land lubber there are also several fun things to do in Barbados. Having a meal together is a great way to have fun. Barbados is known as one have the phenomenal options for local and international cuisine. The Oistins fish fry on any night of the week offers a great opportunity for family time, a very tasty and inexpensive meal in a rich cultural setting. Fish never tasted so good. Oistins is a unique little fishing town where locals and tourists mix and enjoy one of the great “Barbados things to do”. Take an island tour and visit Farley Hill for great views, and monkeys roaming freely but protect your food and do not let the children feed them. Let the kids keep their eyes open when you are driving around the island for the native Green monkeys as they guide their own children across the street. Monkeys are everywhere but if you prefer a more controlled environment to see them the WildLife Reserve has many naturally living in the facility.

A visit to a national museum is always a fun thing to do in Barbados as well as in all parts of the world. In deed there are several museums in Barbados that you should try. The Nidhe Jewish museum and synagogue is a must see, as well as Parliament Museum, National heroes gallery and Money exchange museum. All of these are found in Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison. The Garrison Savannah on the outskirts of Bridgetown allows you to witness horse racing, where you can go into the stands or do it like a local and observe from the side of the track with a picnic basket. Hang on to the kids when the race starts so they do not wander on to the track and away the horses go. Check the Barbados annual calendar of all events and fun things to do in Barbados, for racing season, and polo season if you are a horse lover.

From coast to coast we have a great array of fun things to do in Barbados and many Barbadians who are sure willing to help you explore.