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Activities to do in Barbados for tourists and residents

In an island 166 square miles which is a land mass smaller than the size of the entire land mass taken up by JFK airport in New York, you will astounded at how many activities to do in Barbados. The range of activities Barbados has to offer cover the traditional tourist attractions in Barbados but some very relaxing and unique adventures that residents themselves enjoy. Atlantis Submarines is indeed one of the top tourist attractions in Barbados and is an activity for both residents and visitors. The “Living classroom program is offered by Atlantis Submarines in the summer and it combines a fun trip with a lecture on how to protect the environment as it targets all schools to participate. It is a twist on the regular tour as teachers and Atlantis staff, use the submarine as a “living classroom” among the corals and fish to teach the impact humans can have on sea life and what they can do differently.

During turtle nesting season tourists and residents add turtle rescue to the activities in Barbados that capture our attention. Greenback turtles come up on specific turtle nesting beaches to lay their eggs. When the eggs hatch those baby turtles have a short time to head back into the water away from predators. It is a sight to behold and usually your hotel will get the alert that turtles trying to make their way back to sea and it is a mad rush to get there in time to witness and sometimes to help.

Apart from a submarine tour the list of Barbados family activities for visitors and locals include a trip to North point to watch the whales as they migrate past the island. Barbados used to have a thriving whaling industry and all that is left now is a chance to go to the northern most point and watch whales frolic as they pass by. The list also includes a visit to a farmers market on Saturdays and Sundays to buy local art, craft and fresh produce.

Along with the popular Oistins fish fry in Oistins town, Christ Church, a visit to historic Speightstown carries its own charm. Speightstown is great for a slow saunter through to view the historic buildings and growing number of bars and restaurants. A hike through the ”Whim” maybe another way to enjoy the north as it has its flora and fauna as you walk through the gully and feel the tranquility of nature.

Our final suggestion on activities to do in Barbados for tourists and residents is to come to Barbados for the annual Crop Over festival. Parties run every week, during the week and several on the weekend from May through to the big street party on the first Monday in August. Activities in Barbados throughout that period are characterized by pulsating music, colourful costumes, and lots of local food and drinks. Live performances are available throughout the island and all-inclusive parties are a great way to spend an afternoon with family and friends.