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The checklist follows all the expected contact points with Atlantis employees and guests.

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The dive is ninety minutes total from departure at the office to return. The period spent underwater is forty to forty-five (40 - 45) minutes.

Yes, and it may help you with this problem. Persons with claustrophobia, who have gone on the submarine, report being surprised that you tend to focus out through the viewport into the wide open ocean space rather than inside the submarine of itself. Unlike on an aircraft where the windows are high and you cannot see anything interesting outside for most of the trip, in the submarine, you sit facing the window and there are viewports all around and a large view port in front of the pilot that all can see out. Most of all you are not stuck in the submarine for the full tour if you really feel the need to disembark. It is best to notify your co-Pilot of your condition and sit close to him or her. In the event that you are very uncomfortable, we will be able to quietly get the Pilot to surface as well as request for the return of the passenger vessel. It takes a short time and we will partially or fully refund you.

Atlantis is not a cheap tour, we agree but it offers excellent quality due to its uniqueness, high tech nature and professionalism. To be taken underwater we must be in a highly sophisticated and safe vessel. Atlantis offers a number of discounted rates for children, teens, families, honeymooners etc, so we can work out a deal for you. Our customers say that they will definitely recommend the tour to others and that it was worth it.

Atlantis Barbados was established in February 1987 and has had no major incidents. We are certified by American Bureau of Shipping standards annually. All systems on the submarine are duplicated and the vessel floats to the surface when it is not powered. There is a surface control vessel that stays with the submarine throughout the tour and is in constant communication. We are proud of our highly professional staff, who are drug and alcohol free based on our random drug testing program. Our safety audits and stringent requirements for insurance purposes are a check and balance as we report conformance to all standards to our head office and insurers.

No, but there is a height restriction as children should be at least three feet in height, since the safety equipment on board is not recommended for children under that height.All children meeting the height requirement (and up to 12 years old) should be paid for irrespective of age.

Yes, there is and in short we recommend the following. All guests are required to wear shirts and shoes. Atlantis Submarines (Barbados) Inc reserves the right to exclude guests who wear inappropriate clothing. Examples of inappropriate wear include: Clothing displaying offensive messages/language; Swimwear or clothing which exposes inappropriate portions of the body.

Yes, we do provide an optional shuttle service, which is not included in the regular tour price.

Congratulations, and if you are between one to four months and not experiencing any problems, you should be fine. It would just depend on your tolerance to the motion on the shuttle boat that takes you to the submarine. Hardly any motion is felt as the submarine glides around underwater and you are sitting in air conditioned comfort.If you are over four months and may have discomfort seated for 50 minutes and slightly bending forward to see out the viewport you may want to consider carefully. Also, we apologise but there are no bathrooms on board.

Yes but it depends on the mobility of the individual as guests need to descend 11 steps on their own into the vessel. Permission should be obtained from Operations department through the Reservations staff and it will also be dependent on the weather and sea conditions. Visually and hearing impaired guests are welcomed but for your safety and comfort the Reservations staff should be advised at the time of the Reservations.

Yes, we are happy to accommodate all guests but for your own comfort and that of the other guests please advise us before so that we can allocate space on a tour with less than full capacity. If you can only do the tour on a specific time but require more than one seat, a fee of 50 % additional will apply. Guests who typically cannot fit into one airline seats with both hand rests down and are likely to require more than one seat on the submarine to ensure comfort, so please advise us prior so we can accommodate your needs.

Atlantis offers various tours and depending on the tour booked, alcoholic beverages may be offered to guests 18 years of age or older at some point during the tour. It is therefore advised that you do not take part of any alcoholic beverages offered, if you have a history of mental illness, you are on medication or believe or are known to have negative side effects from alcohol consumption.

Atlantis Submarines has one (1) operational submarine vessel.

The submarine can carry a maximum of 48 guests.

In June 2018 the government of Barbados implemented measures to raise revenue from taxes to help the economy. The Product Development Levy was one of those measures and from July 1st attractions like Atlantis Submarines along with restaurants etc were required to charge customers and pay over to government an additional 2.5% of the ticket revenue. The amount will appear on your regular receipt along with the other applicable taxes

Guests are transported to the submarine onboard the Ocean Quest shuttle boat, using the lower and upper deck. The top deck has been retrofitted with seats and a canopy for the comfort and safety of our guests.

We offer Private Charters for our standard Expedition Tour (48 guests max). Your group also has the option to do our “Tea Under the High Seas”, Five Star Champagne Tour (22 guests max).

Atlantis Submarines Barbados offers discretionary rates to local residents at various times throughout the year. We do so in order to engender goodwill in the community and to make our experience accessible to families on lower incomes who themselves can become ambassadors for our product. Targeting residents and offering differential pricing is an established international marketing strategy determined by local economics; the need to maximize capacity and to be a good corporate citizen. Should you wish to comment on this policy please address all concerns to The General Manager, Mrs. Roseanne Myers at

If you are staying at a hotel or guest house we offer shuttle bus transportation at a small fee for round trip transfers. If you book on line you can request this at the same time or call our office if you are already on island. If you are driving our address is The Shallow draught Bridgetown, St. Michael Barbados. See the driving instructions below from the south and west coast.

Directions from the South Coast

Follow highway 7 into Bridgetown (along Bay Street). Turn right after the Honda dealership (onto Fairchild Street). Turn left at the traffic lights (onto Bridge Street). Cross over the Bridge and follow the road to the left (onto the Wharf Road). Pass 2 sets of traffic lights and get into the right lane (along Princess Alice Highway). Make the 1st right turn after the ‘Pelican Craft Centre’ (onto Prescod Blvd). Stay in the left lane when approaching the traffic lights, drive straight onto Prescod Blvd to the Elsie Payne Round About. Take the 2nd exit at the Elsie Payne Round About. Enter the Shallow Draught (small marina) via the guard hut on your right at the fenced gate. Guard will ask for your destination, please advise you are a guest of Atlantis Submarines. The Atlantis Submarines office is located in the only building in the Shallow Draught and the building is white, blue and green in colour. Welcome.

Directions from the West Coast

Drive south along the west coast (highway 1) until reaching the Frank Worrel Round About. Keep going right around the round about and take the 3rd exit from the Frank Worrel Round About (onto the Spring Garden Highway). Drive to the end of Spring Garden Highway and make the right turn at the traffic lights Keep in the left lane, go around the roundabout and take the third exit on your left, pass the triangle, immediately turn right and enter the security gate of the Shallow Draught (small marina). The guard will ask your destination, so advice that you are a guest of Atlantis. The Atlantis Submarines office is located in the only building in the Shallow Draught and the building is white, blue and green in colour. Welcome.

  • Customer cancellation should be completed 24 hours before your check-in time.
  • Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance and no shows can result in penalties.
  • Cancellation for groups of 10 or more persons are invited to reschedule to a later date of your convenience.

We distribute Comment Cards randomly during the boat ride returning to the dock in order to get your feedback. You may also post comments on Trip Advisor, Facebook, Twitter, My Space or take part in the Zagat surveys.