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Activities for Kids in Barbados

Barbados has always been known as a family destination. Here listed are suggestions on a number of activities for kids in Barbados, from A – Z.

A - Atlantis Submarines is the perfect family tour as children from 36 inches high are able to go with the rest of the family to the underwater world and remain dry. Atlantis Submarine tours are safe, comfortable and hassle free. This Barbados excursion can be enjoyed during the day or at night. Truly the most unique of all the activities for kids in Barbados

B - Beaches. From the serenity of the West Coast to breezy South Coast to the rugged rock formations created by the Atlantic ocean on the East Coast, beaches are the perfect place for children of all ages who just want to collect sea shells, dig around in the sand, play in the pools created by the gentle tides and bask in the warm sunshine. This is a care free and very easy way to burn up many hours and many days at no cost when the children’s energy outruns your own.

C - Caves are located at various points of the island but the most popular is Harrison Caves for its tram ride through a massive underground cave stream system located in the central uplands of Barbados. Its large caverns and phenomenal crystallized formations make this a world class attraction.

D - Dunks are a local fruit that children enjoy. It is tasty like a berry but can be sweet or acid. The thorny trees are usually found in bushes around the country for free but check to make sure it is the dunk and not another fruit.

E - Easter is a popular time for families to visit Barbados as it is breezy and perfect for kite making, flying, kite surfing and wind surfing. Our beautiful, Historic Churches are often busy during this religious period. Anglican churches can track our history and still have some of their original stained glass windows. Children will be reverent when parents show them that it is important to respect other religions and cultures.

F - Flying Fish are native to Barbados and apart from holding the distinction of fish that shoot out of the water and can fly or remain airbourne. Children absolutely enjoy a flying fish sandwich day or night. Visit Farley Hill for great views, monkeys naturally roaming but protect your food and do not let the children feed them.

G - Garrison Savannah allows you to witness horse racing, where you can go into the stands or do it like a local and observe from the side of the track with a picnic basket. Hang on to the kids when the race starts so they do not wander on to the track and away the horses go.

H - Horse-back riding is available at the recognized supervised stables for those avid riders. Take the children to watch a polo game in a relaxed environment and great fun.

I - Ice cream is every child’s favourite so grab some of the locally made ice cream from any supermarket and try the natural fruit flavours.

J - Jeep tours which cover both on and off road terrain are a great and fun way to see the island and most children of all ages will enjoy.

K - Kite Flying is a hit with the younger kids and Kite Surfing is great to watch for those not old enough to try and a fantastic sport to learn for your older teens.

L - Lounge. Encourage the kids to lounge quietly by the pool under cover of shade and read a book when the sun is too hot to safely play out.

M - Monkeys are everywhere but the Wild Life reserve has many naturally living in the trees. Let them keep their eyes open when you are driving around the island for the native Green monkeys as they guide their own children across the street.

N - National Museum is a very interesting stop for the children to learn about our history. In deed there are several museums in Barbados that you should try. The Nidhe Jewish museum and synagogue is a must see, as well as Parliament Museum, National heroes gallery and money exchange museum. All of these are found in Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison.

O - Oistins fish fry on any night of the week is a very tasty and inexpensive meal. Fish never tasted so go. Children can share as the portions are quite big.

P - Private tours are available at most attractions, if you call ahead and do not mind spending extra. Atlantis Submarines can offer the submarine just for your group with some trimmings if you need to and so can most catamarans and other tours.

Q - Quackers. Lots of ducks can be found if you visit Codrington College. An active theological school but you can roam freely for a small entrance fee and watch them feed the ducks. Quayside centre on the south coast is a small strip mall with a convenience store, boutiques, food, souvenirs. A good one stop shopping that may have items which you forgot to pack.

R - Rent a car so you and the children can move at your own pace and leave when you want to. Getting around the island is easy and the children can grab a map and help you to plan your day out. Ride the train at St. Nicholas Abbey and take lots of pictures.

S - Sailing on a catamaran with your children and snorkeling can be fun for the entire family. It is relaxing though you must keep an eye on the kids and their first introduction to snorkeling in shallow clear blue water can be a treat.

S - Shopping for memories of Barbados is a good pass time for children. Let them choose that special gift for a friend.

T - Turtles nest in Barbados and you should ask your hotel staff to alert you if there is a turtle hatching near-by. If you take a snorkel tour ask them to take you to where the turtles are ready for you to swim with them.

U - Underwater snorkel trail at Folkstone Park is a good way to spend an afternoon in a protected area.

V - VIP tour upgrades are offered for Atlantis Submarines where you are pre-boarded and sit upfront with the pilot. Ask at Reservations as the children usually prefer to sit where they can speak to the pilot.

W - Welchman Hall Gully is home to many species and is a short nature walk where you can hear about the fruit trees and natural bushes found around the island. You may see a monkey or two there as well. Visit a botanical garden. They are several around and always fun.

X - Xtravaganza at the Harbour Lights tropical dinner show is casual dining, entertainment, pretty costumes and an atmosphere under the stars with sand between the toes. This is perfect for children.

Y - Yoga is offered many places around the island and children can get involved so that may be a good family activity to start when they are likely to say yes to yoga on the beach.

Z - Zzzzzs are important for children to catch up on a good night’s rest. Sleep will come easy after a long day out and about if you remember to let the children hydrate, apply mosquito repellent day and night and do not abandon a set bedtime.

So pack up the whole family and enjoy activities for kids in Barbados, while you yourself get to act like a kid again.