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Atlantis Submarines - The Perfect Family Activity on a Rainy Day in Barbados

Atlantis Submarines Barbados is located in the Shallow Draught Bridgetown, Barbados and the tour is operated on Freshwater Bay Reef which ironically gets its name due to rain water ending up on the reef. The Caribbean is made up of a chain of mountainous, volcanic islands.

Barbados is approximately 100 miles east of the island chain, flat, and was once a coral reef. When rain falls on the island it is naturally filtered underground through the limestone and because the reef is connected to the island, some of that rain or fresh water ends up in the ocean, brining nutrients via underwater springs.

These springs are sometimes visible in the form of little bubbles trickling from the reef or by blurry patches of water, a similar visual effect to looking at the surface of a hot road or looking through petrol fumes. Fresh Water Bay Reef is also known as Clarke’s Reef and is located about one mile offshore the Mighty Gryner Highway and Brandons Beach. 

On a rainy day, you may think you will be stuck in your hotel and may not be able to do the Atlantis Submarine tour you had planned. It is true that people come to the island for the lovely sunshine and may think the warm rain will spoil your day at the beach, hiking and visiting some other Barbados attractions. If you are looking for something fun, exciting, adventurous and unique to do on a wet day, then Atlantis Submarines has you 'covered'. Often in Barbados especially during our rainy season (June to November) we get the odd cloud dropping a light sprinkle here and there but occasionally there can be heavier downpours. You can always tell if it is raining cats and dogs during your drive to our check in facility because there are a lot of ‘poodles’ of water in the streets J.

On reaching the Atlantis Submarines Reservations Check-in facility, umbrellas are provided so you can get to and from the transfer vessel and submarine, without getting wet. The 10 minute boat ride on Ocean Quest to our Dive site is sheltered and rainbows can be seen from time to time on such days as guests grab their cameras and take aim. Don’t worry, the Atlantis Submarine underwater adventure is not affected by the rain unless there are storm-like conditions. Why, you ask? As long as the wind does not pick up strength, usually our operations continue as normal.

Occasional rainy days in Barbados push Atlantis Submarines to the top of the list of things to do. You will not get wet in the submarine, you are in air-conditioned comfort and the warm sprinkle of rain does not affect your ability to see the coral and fish in the natural coral reef playground. A fun and informative narration is provided on this 40 minute tour, as you are piloted to depths of up to 150 feet and in the deep is where you can visit one of Barbados’ shipwrecks ‘The Lord Willoughby’. Sunlight penetrates to these depths to allow you to see the coral reef even in overcast conditions. Once you surface, the only way you will know if the rain is still falling is by looking up whilst seated underwater and viewing the pitter patter from underneath the surface.

When you return to our dock, we also issue you with a dive certificate that you can frame and hang over your bathtub, so that everytime time you take a splash you will remember your trip on a real submarine, especially if it was a rainy day.  

So no need to cancel your plans because of a little "liquid sunshine". You and the family can still join us especially if you have limited time. If weather conditions are such that the Barbados authorities warn all businesses to stay off the seas, we will comply but usually our mantra is "a little rain never hurt nobody and where you are going water is the least of your worries ….. so Sea You Soon"

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