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World Environment Day 2023

World Environment Day

The Ministry of Environment and National Beautification partners with Atlantis Submarines to host Grantley Adams Memorial School

June 5th 2023, The Shallow-draught, Bridgetown, Barbados- Under the theme “Living Sustainably…Reduce Plastics Pollution to Protect our Blue Economy”., Atlantis Submarines and the Ministry of Environment reestablished its long-standing partnership focused on environmental education, for World Environment day. “ In the early days Atlantis Submarines depended on the Ministry to provide guidance on relevant information of how coral reefs formed and why they are important to incorporate into the Atlantis Submarines School’s program called the Living classroom” General Manager Roseanne Myers, reminisced with Environmental Education Officer Donna King Brathwaite, who were both involved at that time. “The Living classroom program is still operating 36 years after its inception and has seen thousands of children from private and public schools benefit. Today our interaction with the Ministry will not only benefit the students but also sharpen the knowledge of the staff”

Minister of Environment Adrian Forde led the team from the Ministry in interacting with the students of Grantley Adams Memorial to transform the submarine tour into an active learning experience while fully submerged underwater. Tips on why plastics can affect the blue and green economy and how an individual can make a positive impact were shared. The students from Grantley Adams Memorial were led by Principal Major Andrew Skeete and his senior teaching staff, as he had readily agreed to the participation of the forty-six fifth-year students being able to hear from the experts and to interact with Minister Forde himself as he delivered the highlights of his World Environment Day message. The latter can be viewed at this link for full text.

World Environment Day

Atlantis Submarines facilitated the presentation of fruit trees donated by the Ministry’s National Conservation Commission to be planted at the school as part of Barbados’ effort to plant one million trees which started prior to the pandemic. It is also a reminder to the children that they can actively make a difference at school and at home and that what we do on land can affect the ocean. Increasing our trees helps prevent soil erosion as well as replenishes the air we breathe and fruit helps us to feed ourselves. The officials from the Ministry outlined the reason for and meaning of the theme adopted here and coincides with the UN World Environment Day theme, fighting plastic pollution, which was further contextualized for Barbados - addressing plastic pollution and being cognizant of the deleterious effects of plastic on the terrestrial and marine environment of Barbados. Mrs. King – Brathwaite further pointed out ‘The living sustainable theme has been in use by the ministry for over 10 years. In celebrating environment month, the theme reminds us that if we are to have sustainable lifestyles and achieve sustainable development as a small island developing state, we must take positive action as it relates to our environment. Reducing plastic pollution can make a tremendous difference”

The Ministry will be raising awareness all month long and Atlantis Submarines will be hosting schools throughout the period and posting messages via social media. The Atlantis Submarines Operations Manager, Robert Hinds also made available one of the PVC “trees”, to be used to establish its coral nursery, which the team will keep the school abreast of. It demonstrates the power of reuse of an item that can be difficult to dispose of by putting it to long-term use for the good of the environment. Throughout the day, it was made clear that though we speak of the Blue Economy to bring focus to the marine environment, as a Small Island Developing State, we must note that there can be no real separation between Green Economy and Blue Economy, given that they are pathways to sustainable development and that as an island, we must always be aware of the impacts that our negative behaviors can have on both the marine and terrestrial resources, almost at the same time.

As the students interact with the Atlantis Submarines team and listen to the messaging from the Ministry, they were challenged to consider the idea that sustainable consumption and production can eventually help us to reduce our destructive activities and support wise resource use with an immediate focus on reducing plastics in their school and home environment.

World Environment Day

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