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Are you celebrating a special occasion? A wedding, honeymoon, birthday or do you simply want to treat yourself? You can enhance your experience with an upgrade of your day or night tour to VIP or Priority Seating. This option provides an upgrade on a standard day or night tour and is not exclusive tour. Your adventure begins with a warm welcome from your assigned Atlantis Submarines host and a cocktail. All our guests are special to us and as VIP guest you are pre-boarded onto our ferry transfer vessel, the Ocean Quest, before the official boarding procedures start. Our VIP guests will be hosted on the upper deck of the ferry vessel, where you will have your own tour guide for the duration of the trip out to the submarine. VIP guests will be pre-boarded from the ferry on to the submarine and will get to sit in the coveted position at the front of the submarine where guests will enjoy a “Pilots Eye” view and experience our marine life through the very large front viewport. Direct interaction with the pilot is encouraged as you journey beneath the sea in air-conditioned comfort, watching sea fans sway and sea life peek in. At the end of the journey you will disembark first and enjoy the cool breezes on the return trip on the Ocean Quest ferry sipping refreshing cocktails. We thank you for creating memories with us with your personalized dive certificate, a souvenir, and wine and hors d’oeuvres await you on your return to the Reservations.


02:00 Hours



Departure Location

Bridgetown, Barbados