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The Nursery students of St. Boniface School Visit Atlantis Submarines Barbados

Friday the 4th of June, 2010 the St. Boniface Nursery school students visited Atlantis Submarines Barbados and spent some time with one of our Co-Pilots Afiya Taylor. Afiya taught this very excited bunch all about the Submarine tour, the reef and how important it is protect our environment. The purpose of this visit was to aid them in completing a school project entitled 'Water, Water Everywhere: Sub-theme from the Sea to the Shore'

To their delight, those lucky seventy-five children also had the opportunity to meet our friendly mascot Subby the seahorse, who they were very eager to hug. They took group photographs with Subby and also did a short sightseeing tour on our pier where they had a closer look at the submarine and the transfer vessel.

Atlantis Submarines "Living classroom" outreach program has been be enhanced to educate children about protecting the marine environment, and also teach basic ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and the impact they can make in greening Barbados. Along with Our Mascot Subby the Seahorse Atlantis Submarines will bring focus and attention to our beautiful underwater world and its beautiful creatures and how our lifestyle can affect them.

These tours are available year round for schools, camps and social groups. Subby and the Atlantis Staff can also pay you a visit at your request. You can also meet and have fun with Subby at our monthly Birthday parties where we celebrate your birthday with you and family and friends.

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