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If you are looking for something unique, romantic and exciting to do after sunset, join us on selected evenings and experience another side of Barbados great night life 150ft below the surface! With the high-powered spotlights on the submarine a very different view of the coral reef is revealed. Night predators’ lurk in the shadows while the vibrant colours of the reef not visible during the day come to life under the bright lights of the submarine. The shipwreck takes on a more menacing aura as the submarine moves in for a closer look. There are only two places in the world where you can enjoy this unique experience and Barbados is one of them. A more romantic and awe- inspiring experience than during the day, the night dive is followed by a short cocktail reception where there is an opportunity to meet the submarine pilot and crew and refresh your palate with a selection of local delicacies.

Priority Boarding/Seating: You can upgrade your seating arrangement to the much-coveted seats located directly behind the pilot.

Number of Persons



02:00 Hours



Departure Location

Bridgetown, Barbados