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Purchasing Policy


  • Return all laser printer cartridges to the supplier for refilling.
  • Store shipping materials such as bubble wrap & popcorn for packaging of breakable souvenirs.
  • Recycle bins are placed in all office to capture all double sided non confidential office paper for delivery to the recycling company.
  • Non confidential paper is reused for note pads etc
  • Unwanted confidential printed paper is dispose of via Secure Shred.


  • Daily monitoring of electricity usage
  • Phase out florescent lighting with L.E.D lighting by Q1 2020.
  • Reduce energy usage on the building portion of the building by 2.5%
  • Determine a monthly water usage base line
  • Devise a method for catch rain water for irrigation and reduce potable water usage.


  • Company purchases printing and writing papers, envelopes, invoices and business forms that use a minimum of 30 percent post-consumer recycled content OR tree-free fiber.
  • Tissue paper, toilet paper, C-Fold towels unbleached/chloride free and made with a minimum of 30% post consumer recycled content.
  • When service and price are comparable the following criteria should give preference to the supplier from which the goods are purchased.
    • The company has a policy of favoring certified suppliers or suppliers following best environmental and social practices
    • Preference given to product suppliers who provide and take back reusable packaging and shipping containers/pallets
    • Preference given to environmentally responsible service suppliers (e.g., alternative fuel taxis, bicycle rentals, landscaping service, etc.)
    • Preferences given to ‘fair trade’  and certified products (such as coffee and tea) or eco-labeled goods where possible
    • 'Take-back' policies with suppliers (e.g. reusable containers, takes back the container from the previous drop off)


  • Recycle all unwanted non-confidential double sided documents.
  • Recycle or reused all used lead acid batteries
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