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Going Green Guidelines

  • All computers should have their monitors turned off when not in use.
  • The last person in each section is responsible for turning off all lights except those designated “on” for safety, security, or display purposes.
  • The last person in each section of each department is responsible for turning off all a/c systems except those split systems that are required on for the preservation of equipment.
  • To create a base line of energy usage by examining past bills.
  • To reduce the electricity used by our portion of the building not including that required for charging the submarine by 5% in 2009 and review and plan for 2010.
  • Measure the effects of the company’s energy policy through continued monitoring.
  • Monitor the energy usage during charging of the submarine to determine a relationship between Amp/hrs and KW/hrs.
  • Reduce garbage to the landfill by recycling paper, plastics, glass and other recyclable materials used by the organization.
  • Set the minimum temperature on split air conditioning systems to 23°C.
  • Store all card boxes, glass, paper, plastics and lead acid batteries for recycling.
  • Sort items for recycling based on items and what is accepted by the recycling company.
  • All documents where possible should be printed as double sided documents.
  • All scraped double sided documents are to be recycled.
  • All appropriate single sided documents should be reused as note pads or similar and inappropriate document should be recycled using Secure Shred
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