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15 Fun Facts About Corals of Barbados

  • The island of Barbados was once a coral reef.
  • Corals are tiny animals (not plants) called polyps.
  • Coral polyps belong to the same group as the jelly fish family.
  • Polyps live in colonies and their fused skeletons are called reefs.
  • Reefs are the largest structures on the planet created by animals.
  • There are many different types of corals; hard corals like brain coral and soft corals like sea fans.
  • It is illegal to damage or sell coral.
  • Corals take a very long time to grow (0.5 – 2cm per year).
  • Many of our corals spawn, all at once and only once per year.
  • Coral reefs around Barbados protect the beaches from erosion and wave action.
  • Reef fish need the coral for shelter and survival.
  • Our white sand is primarily derived from coral reefs; no coral, no beach , no tourism!!!!
  • There at least 34 named coral reef and wreck dive sites around Barbados.
  • Run off of chemicals or other nutrients from the land kill our corals.
  • Atlantis Submarine dives on the west coast on Freshwater Bay aka Clarkes Reef.
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