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Beach Clean Up

Barbados Clean UpBarbados Clean Up

Atlantis Submarines Barbados is pleased that Project Discovery has responded to their request to get the group together to clean up the sea weed on one of our beautiful beaches. The clean up was completed at Dover Beach Sept 4th 2011, at 7-10 am. Thank you Mr. Tyrone King, who continues to do amazing work with the secondary school children of Barbados. Project Discovery Inc. is a non-profit company registered with the Corporate Affairs and intellectual Property Office of the Government of Barbados, under the Companies Act of Barbados. This company has designed a community service learning programme for students of Caribbean schools.

Atlantis Submarines Barbados supports Project Discovery in their quest to clear Sargassum seaweed from Dover BeachAtlantis Submarines Barbados tries to support environmental groups that focus the attention of young adults on positive interactions such as this. General manager Roseanne Myers committed “We will keep their thirst quenched as far as possible and continue to support this very active group of teens in their various ventures in cash and kind.”

When contacted the Director of Project Discovery, Mr. King said, “It went really well. We cleaned the entire beach in just over 3 hrs. We had about 25 students and some of the public voluntarily joined in the effort.” He went on to add that the group will again be involved on Sept 24, 2011 to cleanup Long Beach in Christ Church.

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