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Covid-19 Protocols

March 12th, 2020

Dear guest and industry partner,

Covid-19 is now a reality worldwide and requires our calm, collective effort to address it aggressively. We at Atlantis Submarines Barbados recognize that each company and individual has a critical role to play and we are determined to play ours. Barbados and Atlantis Submarines are following WHO protocols and thankfully as at March 12th 2020, Barbados has no confirmed cases.

Atlantis Submarines Barbados is committed to our country’s efforts to proactively minimize the impact of this global phenomenon by focusing on improved hygienic practices. Atlantis Submarines Barbados has reviewed, revised and revamped processes as follows:

  1. For guests pre-booked whose travel plans are disrupted, we understand this is stressful and Atlantis Submarines has relaxed its cancellation policy to minimize penalties and offer credit. Email us at your earliest convenience
  2. Transport providers are sanitizing their hands and vehicles before and after each round trip transfer from hotels. Particular attention is being paid to touch zones. Drivers will replace handshakes with broad smiles and a wave and to minimize contact.
  3. The management and staff of Atlantis Submarines have unanimously agreed and adopted daily temperature testing as a basic indicator of fitness to work. Normal range is expectation.
  4. Similarly, for the comfort and safety of all guests checking in for the submarine tour, temperature checks will be done. We will use a handheld infrared no-touch thermometer and temperatures over the normal range will be referred by telephone to medical personnel for further advice.
  5. Staff are asked to use safe hygiene practices, including effective and frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizer, which is supplied throughout the operation.
  6. All boarding passes, sign-in computers, check in counters, bathrooms, door handles and surfaces will be sanitized between tours.
  7. Staff servicing bathrooms will be wearing protective clothing and remove such when in staff areas.
  8. All staff will replace hand-shakes with smiles, waves, nods, hand-on-heart, elbow bumps or bump of feet. It is imperative to reduce human contact.
  9. When guests enter office after disembarking the transport, they are welcomed to the office and invited to use hand sanitiser supplied at entrance, for personal safety.
  10. If available, guests are invited to take a face mask if coughing and sneezing to protect other guests. Such are not guaranteed to be available. Concierge or tour reps should advise their clients to wear such in resort, on the bus and on tour.
  11. Before boarding the submarine, guests are invited to use hand sanitiser.
  12. Atlantis Submarines is happy to confirm that air inside the submarine is scrubbed of carbon dioxide. Medical grade oxygen is pumped into the cabin constantly throughout the tour. This provides a natural cleansing to keep fresh air available to all. In addition, air is filtered for contaminants and odors before being circulated. The frequency for sanitizing air filters has been tripled weekly.
  13. Guests are reminded that face masks are required on the submarine if they are openly coughing or sneezing. You are encouraged to wear your own. Such will be supplied when available and at worst case please cough into your elbow.
  14. Hand sanitiser is again provided as you exit the boat and in the office.
  15. For staff not feeling well who suspect Covid-19 they will be asked to remain at home, call their personal doctor, polyclinics or hotline number to report. Refrain from going into public spaces and do not come to work but call to advise. The hotline number or contacts for medical personnel can be called so further advice can be sought.
  16. Any guest checking in who is exhibiting signs of illness will be highlighted to management so appropriate questions can be asked and advice sought from medical professionals as below. Ministry of Health and Wellness has provided the following contact numbers for seeking medical advice.
COVID-19 Hotline 536-4500
Dr. Leslie Rollock 536-3853
Dr. Karen Brome 536-3844
Dr. Arthur Phillips 536-3866

Atlantis Submarines Barbados remains dedicated to the delivery of the high quality service we have developed since 1987 and will remain vigilant and proactive in the fight to manage our response to this threat. Atlantis Submarines is a unique underwater adventure in a real submarine, taking guests down to 150 feet to experience the tropical fish and coral in the calm waters of the west coast of Barbados. For more information call us at 2464368929, visit us on all major social media platforms, on our website, email at