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Covid-19 Protocols Revised April 6th, 2022

April 6th, 2022

  1. Effective April 5th 2022, the requirement for persons to be vaccinated or tested has been removed unless for charters at full capacity (currently @ 75% capacity = 36 seats).
  2. The air in the submarine is kept clean by pumping in medical grade oxygen and air is circulated through Merv 13 rated filters, which typically capture 98% of droplets.
  3. All employees are vaccinated against Covid-19 or regularly tested.
  4. Masks must be properly worn at all times (no eating or drinking in the submarine).
  5. Cloth masks and masks with valves are not allowed. Masks are available for purchase at check-in if needed.
  6. Sanitization of hands & touch points is done in accordance with the Ministry of Health & Wellness.
  7. Temperature checks are done daily for all employees and guests.

N.B. Persons who are openly exhibiting signs of a viral illness are asked to reschedule for a date where they are no longer having symptoms.